Sunday, July 31, 2016

Backyard surprise!!

Earlier this week I looked out the window and saw this beautiful sunflower in the backyard -- just one, all by itself.  I was feeling all special that the sunflower chose my backyard in which to grow.  It is growing under the oak tree where birds sit, sing, and, hmmmm.  It makes me wonder where the seed came from . . . but why is there only one sunflower?

No matter, it is beautiful and it is mine!!  I have taken quite a few photographs as it has been opening and blooming.  It is amazing how much it changes from day to day.

Friday, July 29, 2016

"Drawing Close" by Barbara Hinske

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This is another excellent installment in the Rosemont Series that went by way too quickly for this reader.  As always, Westbury is buzzing with excitement.  There are those folks that have a complete change of heart, those that learn new life-changing facts, and then you have those wretched characters that will never change and want to bring misery to others.  You will have to read "Drawing Close" to find out who is who.  I guarantee you will be surprised!!

Disclaimer:  I was provided an electronic copy of the book by the author to early read and provide a review.

"Something to Hide" by Deborah Moggach

    Something to Hide       

Deborah Moggach has such an ability to be able to weave separate storylines in and out of each other and still maintain a coherent story.  I was a little confused in the beginning at the Prologue wondering why it was there when it seemed to have nothing to do with the storylines when lo and behold, a couple of characters popped up way in the last part of the book as minor characters.  She is so good at that.

This time the main locations the story takes us to are London, England; Beijing, China; White Springs, Texas; and Assenonga, West Africa.  Now if THAT is not enough to already pique your interest, I do not know what can.  Moggach, the magic story weaver, takes us on a journey to have all of the paths of these characters from these locations cross several times, sometimes unknowingly, and sometimes quite vividly.

Love, money and ageing do strange things to people and those they love and nowhere is that more apparent than this delightful novel.