Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Write By Your Side" by D.J. Van Oss

This was my first introduction to the works of D.J. Van Oss and the folks in the quaint town of Golden Grove, Iowa.  Even though most of the story centered around  six or seven characters, Van Oss excelled in giving the readers a good description of how life is in small town America.

We meet Ellie Chambers and Sam Price, a former couple who started out as writing partners and separated about 4 years prior and have not really been on speaking terms since that time.  As you can imagine with both of them living in the same small town, they frequently saw each other in passing, and usually only communicated in one syllable conversations, particularly Ellie.  When a snafu with their previous publishing contract throws them together again to write another book, each blames the other for the past problems that were cast aside, but not dealt with, after they separated.  The gloves come off and the game is on!!

As they begin this latest venture, both too stubborn to let the other one get the easier path in writing the book, they finally realize that once again, they do make a good writing team, and decide to take the upper hand together against the former publisher.  During the process, both question their previous thoughts as to why their break-up occurred.  At first, each blames the other.  As the story progresses, the tide turns with each becoming the other's staunch supporter.

Their friends wonder how this relationship is going to fare once the book is completed.  Ellie and Sam each have their own thoughts about this too.  Will love win out for them this time?  Will they be able to be happy together?  Pick up a copy of this delightful, quick read and find out for yourself!!  You will not be disappointed.

This reader participated in the book launch for "Write By Your Side" and was provided a free copy of the book by the author in exchange for a review.

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